Jewellery is, was and always will be every woman's preferred choice of a gift. Most ask why is that? Jewellery is expensive. When you buy a piece of jewellery, it shows that you have spent some money in acquiring that gift. It also appreciates with value, thus most always value a jewellery gift more than anything else.

The concept of jewellery gifting has been around since decades. But, today there are more ways to shop for a jewellery gift thats not that expensive, after all it's a gift!

Here are some websites that we like, that you should consider for your jewellery gifting- 

  1. Amarkosh Jewels - Having launched 4 different collections in their everyday jewellery section, Amarkosh Jewels has quickly won the trust of a lot of online and offline jewellery shoppers. 
  2. Caratlane - A Tanishq backed jeweller, who have been in the game for a long time. Their concentration seems to be price rather than design, however they've been a part of the industry for a long long time!
  3. Blusestone -  Another jeweller who has been in this space before every one moved towards it, Bluestone has been part of the industry for a long time and they even give you an option to try at home and have several physical stores
  4. Malabar Gold and Diamonds - They have recently launched a men's collection. If your spouse/friend/partner is into jewellery, this e-tailer may be worth having a look at. 

There are many good jewellers that we may not have covered as yet on this list. However, these are the one's that sprint to mind when you want to shop for jewellery online. 

Trust, design and aesthetics are the three main factors while assessing which jeweller you want to make a purchase from.