Are you in the market for buying jewellery ? Do you go to your traditional jeweller who’s been serving your family for years ? He or she has always been there for you no matter how big or small your requirement may be. 

But what’s the real reason you go to them ? Is it because they have the latest designs. Or is it the latest technology that they use ? No the right answer is that you trust them. It’s their trust that’s important to you. 

Food for thought : the jeweller you trust is not trusted by a different customer. And the the jeweller some one else trusts probably isn’t trusted by you !!! Mind is blown right?

Why is that ? There’s so much noise with so many jewellers out there. Some one talks about their meenakari while some one talks about their premium hand selection of diamonds. 

The truth is not every jeweller has their own team. In fact, sadly not every jeweller manufactures his/her own jewellery. But yet, all jewellers confidently say that they know exactly what’s in the product they are selling to you ! 

If a jeweller isn’t able to give you a detailed break up of the raw materials (diamonds, gold, precious stones etc) that have gone in to the product you want to purchase, don’t you think that jeweller isn’t worthy of your trust ? 

Having been part of the jewellery industry, we know just how important it is to maintain trust with our clients and be as transparent as possible. 

I ask you this question again. Why do you trust only your family jeweller?

It’s a question I leave for you to answer. 

Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Amarkosh jewels strives to be the most ethical and transparent jeweller that you will find.