Pearls are known as the gems of the oceans. They come in different sizes and shapes, primarily named after from where they are cultivated or acquired. 

The most common types of pearls today are the south sea pearls. These pearls are typically white, cream or golden from the outside and give out a vibrant luxurious feel. It's become rare to find a pair of perfect spherical pearls, let alone strands but these gems of the ocean are a symbol of royalty.

Historically, it's what queens and kings adorned themselves in as divers would have deep sea dive in order to find these pearls at various bottom's of oceans making it extremely rare to find. 

Today, south sea pearls remain one for the royals. No matter what kind of jewellery, diamonds, precious stones or jadau, pearls add a splash of life and uniqueness to any piece. 

At Amarkosh, we have a complete collection dedicated to pearls - which is known as "Jardin De Pearls" or the garden of pearls in french. In this specific collection - which is an every day luxury collection, we have used primarily taiwanese pearls and also allow our our clients to upgrade to the luxurious south sea pearls in white, cream or even champagne gold at a price.