Buying jewellery can be a difficult process. Even more so if it is online. 

You may not find it an easy task to be able to trust the e-jeweller and that is why here is what we recommend to be on the lookout for while making your next purchase. 

No matter how big or small your purchase, whether you are buying solitaires, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, diamond bangles or diamond rings, it is essential that you check all the boxes below. 

  1. You can clearly see the photo(s) of the jewellery piece that you intend to purchase: Many times, photos and images are not clear and thus, we end up buying what you may not necessarily want. If you are purchasing a pair of earrings, be sure to inspect what the fittings of the earrings are. At Amarkosh jewels, we always work with complete transparency to ensure that you are able to see what the fittings of the pair of earrings that you intend to buy will be. We try to provide as many angles of the jewellery as possible so that you can imagine what the piece will be like in reality. At Amarkosh, lets take for example Jardin De Pearls, a collection of everyday diamond jewellery. We have tried to put out as many high definition images with different angles.
  2. You have a clear break up of the materials going into the jewellery: Whether this is important to you or not, it is important to be able to see the break up so that you know that the jeweller is being as transparent as possible. At Amarkosh, we take pride in transparency. You are purchasing the jewellery and we believe that you have the right to know. If you look at Trilliums, an everyday jewellery collection made using Mother of pearls and Black onyx along with diamonds and gold, complete break-ups along with dimensions are clearly mentioned so you know what you are getting.
  3. Demand for authenticity from your e-jeweller: It’s important to be secured about your purchase. It is important to receive that letter of authenticity from your e-jeweller so that your are secured of your purchase. At Amarkosh, every online purchase of jewellery is always met with a letter of authenticity clearly mentioning the Gold weights and purity, the diamond weights and purity and any other details of other precious gems. 
  4. Ensure that you have the flexibility of exchange in case you aren't happy with your purchase: You are buying jewels online, however, sometimes you may not be completely happy with your purchase. You must ensure that in case this does happen, your e-jeweller is offering you some sort of an exchange policy. At Amarkosh Jewels, we do have a 7 day no questions asked return policy and a different exchange policy so that you are comfortable making the purchase. 

Shopping online is the present and definitely is here to stay for the future. However, it's very important that you pass the Amarkosh Luxury shopping checklist while selecting your jeweller and shopping your favourite jewellery online.